#FOMO on Twitter, everyone joins

Be there where your customers are.

In India, they seem to be a bit too much on Twitter these days. No doubt companies are leveraging this addiction to their advantage in innovative ways!

1. Your favorite cafeย not just gives you coffee. Try one of its customer interaction activities to land with one of these.

2. Traditional & old Indian brands don’t leave any opportunity to market themselves:

3. When Police departments use it to spread awareness in a sarcastic fashion ๐Ÿ˜›


4. Trident Hotels India: Literally engaging with people like no one ever did before

5. Heard about banking? Yes. ย  ย  E-banking? Yes. ย  ย T – banking ?!

6. When Twitter India uses Twitter to wish our all-time favorite Minister,ย  “Get Well Soon”, we cannot help but engage ๐Ÿ™‚

People love to SpeakUp. Not just for complaints but for compliments as well. Do not refrain from letting your favorite service provider know how much you appreciate their work.

Visit your Play Store and download #SpeakUp: Feedback made easy App to connect with organizations instantly on Twitter

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