Twitter, Toll-free or Email : Where do I SpeakUp?

Recently, I wanted to lodge a complaint against this horrible service I received at one of the multiplexes I visited.

I being that “Impatient Me” wanted to get to them ASAP and that got me into thinking: What do I do first? Should I send them a mail? Should I go for their Toll-free number or should I  Tweet them?

And then I was like “How does one decide? Or do they just go for the most straightforward option?!”

Sometimes, you are kept on hold for a long time or maybe after going through the hurdle of selecting a range of options from language to category, you are constantly greeted by a busy tone. What if it’s 7 and I want to complain now but the complaint center is active 9 to 5?! So I switch to email. I google Customer care number for XYZ Multiplex and Bazingaa!- I am looking at links to forums and sites and forms. Which is the most reliable though?

But wait, there’s Twitter. Just a tweet with the correct hashtags and I am all set…Right?


Today Twitter is being projected as the most sought-after way to communicate. Now and then, you keep hearing of the different Sewas that are being launched and how your convenience is just a tweet away but is it always?

With a base of 22.2 million customers in India, official surveys reported that only 29% of tweet gripes were replied to by the companies. Does “We will inform the concerned authorities soon” really “soon” or just a phony prediction?

It’s not about whether a medium is effective or not. There is no way to guarantee that “Yes, leave a complaint here and you will be heard sure s”.” . The real question is which one is best suited for your purpose. Where do I SpeakUp?

SpeakUp Poster


Let finding the correct path be our hassle and the rest theirs! We bring to you an integrated platform to leave your complaint , feedback or suggestion to the concerned entity through the most responsive and reliable sources.

#SPEAK UP : Feedback made easy


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