My #SpeakUp Story with Paytm

How long can you wait for your problem to be solved? A day, a week, a month, 6 months?

Prashant Rastogi waited for more than a year before he got a hearing to his problem. How? He used #SpeakUp. The young professional had used his Syndicate Bank debit card to transfer money to his PayTm wallet.

The transaction did debit money from his account but never credited any to his e-wallet. He contacted the bank and tried solving the issue through PayTm too, but that did not change things. As a result Prashant’s money, which was no less than INR 10,000, was stuck for more than a year. It is indeed a tough situation when one’s hard earned money is floating in no man’s land. Though online money transfers are common these days, their solutions are not as easy to come.

It was very difficult for Prashant to deal with this problem on his own. So he sought help from #SpeakUp. “I registered my problem through the #Speak up app and received a response within 24hrs”, he said. Not only did he get a response, he also got his money back. “It was a moment of great relief to have the money back”, adds an elated Prashant.

More than 50,000 people have already downloaded the app. Thousands of them are solving their problems on a regular basis. #SpeakUp is changing the way people see and solve problems.

It is definitely a good change. There cannot be an easier way to get your voice heard. Don’t wait up! Just log in and #Speak Up.

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