When my hospital made me pay more : Why #SpeakUp?

“Hospitals and courts : The 2 places where nobody goes willingly.

This happened when I was on my way to a new city for work. It being a long journey, I fell sick and needed to be taken to a clinic. Unable to locate one, I and my colleague approached the nearest hospital and on check-up, I was advised to get admitted for a day owing to an infection.Without consulting me, I was assigned the single deluxe room for 2 days, saying that I needed to stay back and recover until my reports suggested otherwise.

On my discharge, I was greeted with an exorbitant bill that amounted to 11k. On inquiring, I was later informed that no other room was available so they automatically admitted me to that suite. However, even a stranger to the place could say that it was not a busy hospital and every other room being occupied did not make sense at all.On asking to meet up with their management head, I was told that he was currently on vacation. Reluctantly ,I paid the bill then but have since been trying to contact their head.”

How many times have you faced an issue at a hospital? Sometimes, the hygiene is not proper or you are being over-charged or the pharmacy does not take back the unused medicines. However, with other situations at hand, you let the matter slip away and let it go.

We say DO NOT. Because that’s how you bring about a change

Explore your options.

Health Rights

Contact their Head Offices. Contact the MCI. Contact the Health Ministry if it comes to that but do #SPEAK UP.

Do not let anybody levy a hefty amount from you against a bad service.Use #SpeakUp to reach the concerned authorities through multiple mediums if you feel that your experience was dissatisfactory or a change needs to be made or for a matter of fact, their service is praiseworthy.

Visit your Play Store and download #SpeakUp : Feedback Made Easy – our one-stop platform for you to voice your concerns hassle free.

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