How Railways has changed the way we #SpeakUp

I won’t comment on how Modi Sarkar is faring. Won’t indulge in the Congress vs. BJP debate either. But being a regular passenger of the East-to-West-and-vice-versa route for years now, I can tell you with determination that we- both Railways and us-have evolved, that too in just the last 3 years itself!

Be it the lucky timing of popularity of Twitter and Mobile apps these days that makes the Govt look good or the genuine efforts of the Railway Ministry, speaking up is so much easier

I remember travelling in dirty coaches, with used hand towels sometimes and grumbling about it- at the max filling out a grievance form and never hearing back from them but today, we restrain from being denied proper service.


On long journeys, you may never know when a medical emergency might knock


And sometimes, you just forget things!


Making train-bookings hassle free?

How I wish I could reach out for help this efficiently during those umpteen journeys when I felt unsafe on board!

And last but not the least, how I feel when I see Railways providing this level of service!



I am not an active Twitter user. In fact, I installed it a month ago and am still not very frequent with it.My aunt has a smartphone but she uses it for texting primarily. She is not efficient with Gmail or Twitter.

350 million internet users in India

97 million mobile social media users

3.66 million Railway passengers on an average per day

Even if we assume that only 10 people of the 3.66 mn face a problem while travelling, what are the odds that they fall withing the intersection of the 3!

Or even worst, what if their social handle is down for a day or two? These are the cases that make us question the actual outreach of the masses.

And this was how we came up with SpeakUp :

For speaking up at the “RIGHT PLACE” when the “OTHER RIGHT PLACE” is down.For people not comfortable with TWITTER and GMAIL. For people who wants to send a complaint over voice and many such needs.

Do visit your Play Store and Download SpeakUp to explore your options.

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