The “Other” lady of the House

Not every complaint in India goes like “My Jio sim is not working properly” or “Still waiting for my refund”.

My dad is a tea merchant and often has queries regarding the invariably-wavering laws of the Tea Board of India. My friend’s uncle is an exporter of merchandise and sometimes faces unnecessary delays in obtaining licenses.Your neighbor might be a factory owner and have umpteen questions regarding Manufacturing Policy and Industrial Corridors.

The query/complaint on hand will be specific. The response even more detailed.But it does not mean that its not noteworthy!

For people who have been using it, #mocisewa is a boon

Meet another modest yet powerful lady serving us in the “Modi Sarkar” – Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, the Minister of State for Commerce and Industry.

The journey of #mociseva started on 21st April,2016…

… and has been active since.

Grievance : 1:18 AM 24 Jan 2017 – Reply : 4:42 PM 24 Jan 2017 – that’s how responsive the handle is.

When your “JANTA” calls your action “Lightning response”, who’s to say otherwise!

Yes, there are angry complainers here as well but how many of them are tackled this well?!

Oh,rest in peace. She has a tendency to reply to every query you have !

This is a tale of the unsung heroes of the Modi Sarkar. Every minister wants you to #speakup. When they are extending a hand to make India responsive, why aren’t you?

Use SpeakUp- India’s first one-stop feedback platform to register your concerns and complaints through Twitter and Email – in one go. You do not need a Twitter account to voice your opinion there.Download the android app, find the concerned department and SpeakUp. They assure you they will do the rest.

 Visit your Play Store to download SpeakUp,Feedback made easy.

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