Still waiting.Silently.

“India has 1,26,66,377 child laborers i.e 1 child in every 11 children in India is working. 4 out of 10 women in India still have no say in their marriage, 8 out of 10 need permission to visit a doctor, 6 out of 10 practice some form of head covering, and the average Indian household gives over Rs. 30,000 in dowry” – The Hindu

It’s not easy to develop a nation with a booming population of 1,335,965,762 (and counting obviously!). To add on, we inherently come from a male-dominated society where the hierarchy is too rigid to change over-night.

A Chinese proverb says ‘Women hold up half the sky’. I don’t know about the sky but if asked about the ‘Current Sarkar’? Hell Yeah!

A piece on the work of another lovely lady of the house, Mrs. Maneka Gandhi and her Ministry of Women and Child Development 

A nation evolves when its citizens take it upon themselves to make a change

The world has never been kind to victims. Finally, we are one tweet away from speaking up to someone who actually has the power to change things!


A classic example of Feedback Made Easy. I noticed something that I didn’t believe was ethical.I looked up the twitter handle of the concerned authority and reported the issue. 

sexual harressment


Somehow, we all tend to have bullet points on what’s wrong with our country and what should be done to change it. But how many of us take it beyond the discussing of our social circle? Here’s an iconoclast who believes in #Speakingup

That’s why we say SpeakUp : Drop in a complaint. Express your concern. Give a suggestion. Be the change you want to see

Download SpeakUp– India’s first one-stop feedback platform to reach out to organizations with your complaints and suggestions through Twitter, Facebook and Gmail- all in one go!

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