Getting things done the #TwitterSewa way

Filling up a grievance form, waiting days and weeks for a proper response and finally diving into the same old realisation that there’s nobody hearing just does not seem to be the norm anymore.

Here’s a close up of the two-sided affair in the buzz these days

Nobody comes even close to the lady of the house in handling requests through Twitter. Be it her sarcastic reply to that absurd tweet or her immediate reply to your #SOS,  SUSHMA SWARAJ never seems to be a disappointment.

Talking about immediate responses, remember the last time you traveled overnight by a 3A coach and just couldn’t help despise the ministry for the lousy service?! Seems like people do not tolerate it anymore. Here’s SURESH PRABHU to your rescue.

The world has never been kind to victims. Finally, we are one tweet away from speaking up to someone who actually has the power to change things! Here’s a tweet from Maneka Gandhi


And then there are some who play their part in expediting the process. After all, the Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha pitching for you directly must have some impact!

And while we were busy tweeting to be heard well, the Civil Aviation Industry came up with its own app AirSewa for a similar purpose.

Why just day-to-day grievances? The Union and Commerce Industry is there to help you in even your specific issues..

While the Ministries are going all tech-savvy, whats there to stop our police from going online too?!

So here’s the deal.

It no longer a one-sided affair. There’s finally a bunch of them listening intently and responding. All you have to do is SpeakUp at the RIGHT TIME at the RIGHT PLACE to the RIGHT PEOPLE.

To take a step further, download SpeakUp : Feedback made easy

Download Link :

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