The Man whose always listening

A country of 1,336,642,281 resident Indians  – 1866 registered Political Parties- 75 Portfolio ministers, 1 Prime Minister.

Ya, that’s the count. And among these 75, how many do you hear listening to all that you are saying? Well, the number is “non-so-surprisingly” low but its the quality rather than the quantity that matters, right?!

One fine day, I came across a tweet by Jayant Sinha that went like this:


And I couldn’t help but take a look at his handle. And what I found was no less than some amazing responses of this stupendous Minister taking the “janta ka sevak” paradigm seriously.


Be it a suggestion, a compliment or a complaint – he seems to be keeping track of everything that comes his way!



We don’t know if the scenario has changed at the Chennai airport but we do know that someone has definitely looked into it!


And why just grievances related to his Department: He won’t refrain from guiding you to the correct address too.


Here’s a man who works and  lets us know they his team is  listening!

Its only a matter of speaking up to the right person when you have something to express. With SpeakUp, we have made the process of reaching out to them even easier and faster. Sit back and relax while we and them take care of it.

Download SpeakUp – India’s First One-Stop Feedback Platform to reach out to the other side with your concerns through social media platforms in a single click.

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