My #SpeakUp Story

We have SpeakUp. SpeakUp has Users. The Users have stories!

Below is a compilation of the numerous instances where we were of help to consumers and how they reacted to us 🙂

Ashish Agarwal, from Uttar Pradesh, was aggravated with Bank of India for long. He had applied for online banking for more than 6 months then. Every time he went to inquire about the same, the bank manager made a new excuse and asked him to re-apply. Frustated with the scenario, he finally looked up #SpeakUp and sent his complaint.

We haven’t had a talk with him personally since but his feedback for SpeakUp assured us of a positive response from BOI !

ashish agarwal

E-Commerce websites usually have a risk factor involved with them – you never know what might arrive in place of what you payed for. Something similar happened with Shivani. Her order from Flipkart delivered dirty snookers instead of fresh ones. After multiple failed attempts to return them, she decided to #SpeakUp and what had previously kept her waiting for 2 weeks got successfully returned in 2 days !


Not just Flipkart, we have been helpful for Amazon Customers as well :

Vaibhav had been struggling to get his Account activated with Amazon. It had been placed under review after he had attached his Gift Card. Emails and Calls to Customer Service Centers were of no help to him. The problem had been persisting since 12th December, 2016. He lodged the complaint via #SpeakUp on 11th February, 2017. He got a call back followed by a solution on 11th February, 2017


Bharat Gamit was very dissatisfied with the services of Bank of Maharashtra. In spite of him having finished off his loan of 36 months in a timely manner, the system kept showing Loan outstanding. Tired of officials in his bank branch not helping him out, he decided to #SpeakUp

bharat gamit

What followed within the next 6 hrs of his lodging the complaint was a call from the Manager of his Branch – explaining how he was unaware of the situation and apologizing for the same!

While in Delhi, one of our co-founders Swapnil witnessed a child in deplorable condition begging on the streets in the heat. His one complaint to the Ministry of Women and Child Development regarding the same got him this :


There are some feedbacks that keep us going, motivating us to put in that extra effort to help people in distress. One fine morning, we woke up to a word of appreciation from Sir Amar Randhirsingh and it said it all about our work!

Ramjeet Kumar was tired of waiting to avail his Provident Fund balance. He had completed his withdrawal application on 3rd March, 2017. After failed attempts on getting a positive update, he finally decided to #SpeakUp on 25th March, 2017 and within 2 days, his due amount had been transferred to him.

ramjeet kumar pofThat’s the least time ANY GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION has taken to close a pending complaint via us! They deserved a Compliment for the same


And not just this, we have been receiving a lot of feedback for our efforts in helping Consumers #SpeakUp

On 27th March, 2017 Inder Mohan complained to Airtel via SpeakUp and was reverted back by them on the same day itself!

inder mohan complaint

What followed the next day was a Play Store Review from a Happy user!

inder mohan ps

We all love Online Shopping, but it does come with a risk. Jagdeep Singh ordered shoes from Myntra. Unfortunately, they turned out to be to be defective. On trying to return them, Myntra was unpersuasive to carry forward the complaint but through #SpeakUp, he managed to get what he was entitled for.

Above is a testimonial by Lokesh Waren on how #SpeakUp  made it easy for him to get his voice across to Docomo

Hemant is one guy trying to make a difference. He has been one of our most active users and has been pitching in complaints and suggestions on behalf of multiple people. His response definitely hints that #SpeakUp is working wonders.

Bhagyesh was dissapointed when he received a stale cake from Monginis and he decided to #SpeakUp. What followed next was this. 

bhagyesh complaint


What we had was a happy tweet from a happy customer!

Miral wanted to reach out to Flipkart for a recent order and approached them through #SpeakUp

Abhinav is another active #SpeakUp user who has a number of unresolved complaints it seems. Here are two of his “Post-SpeakUp” reactions :

Namandeep had a pending-refund for a long time now. Then #SpeakUp came in

Nimisha and Surbhi are among our early users who chose #SpeakUp as their platform

They have tried it. They have liked it. When will you??

If you haven’t, Download SpeakUp – India’s First One-Stop Feedback Platform to get your voice across.

If you have, #SpeakUp for SpeakUp and give us your feedback to help us serve you better!

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