My Telecom Story: Why SpeakUp ?

“In my village, internet is a privilege for the wealthy. We farmers have cell phones only for the purpose of calling. I didn’t know what Twitter is. E-mailing is something I have only heard of. Never used.

Last month, all my balance was deducted owing to some service charge. Unable to understand the situation, I called the customer care where I was informed that I had subscribed to an Astrology pack. Not having asked for that service, I demanded a refund and was refused without a second glance. I was very disappointed with this and scared of recharging lest they again deduct my balance.

I wanted to be heard and that was when a nice young fellow from my village decided to help me out. He tweeted from his account to Manoj Sinha  and in exactly 2 days, my deducted amount was refunded and I got a call from my operator apologizing for the inconvenience.

boy helps lady

It would be really nice if there was something that could help me to use these resources without being familiar to them”

That’s why SPEAK UP.

Here, we endeavor to provide a platform to assist people like her and her likes. Use our audio recording feature to register a grievance in your language.

If you can’t type, if you can’t tweet : Don’t.

Leave it to us and we will try our best that you are heard at the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME by the RIGHT PEOPLE.

Download SpeakUp, India’s first one-stop feedback platform for your grievances and concerns.

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