BSNL: the Nayak Inspired Hero!

With Nayak releasing in 2001, every Indian’s dream of good governance was realized into a view-able form and everyone wanted a Hero for a politician – young, dashing, efficient and ridiculously good at fighting!

The movie with its ‘One Day CM’ concept dealt with public issues through live interactions with CM and complaint boxes in every nook and corner and yes, the action mania too. Imagine Mamta Banerjee (in a Utopian world for obvious reasons) suspending the local ration shops for corruption or Arvind Kejriwal climbing buses to tackle goons.

After 15 years, be it Nayak-inspired or not, Anupam Shrivastav does seem to have adopted the ‘Lakkhan way’ in interacting with its customers.


With a warm welcome and an intention to gather feedback from his customers directly,

With Twitter being Twitter, people took no less than a second to respond:

And not just queries or complaints, they had some suggestions for him too:

And with Kerela followed Gujarat on 16th Jan,2016 into #talktobsnlcmd

While some were outright open in condemning their responses,

there were some who wanted him to know how satisfied they were.

That’s what Twitter stands for today. It’s not just a social or informative platform- it has evolved into a feedback portal too. People use it to publicly display their concerns and suggestions and SpeakUp helps you use it in for this purpose in a more integrated manner.

Do visit your Play Store to Download SpeakUp : Feedback made easy.

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