Who says there’s no one listening?

“My BPL ration card got stolen along with my wallet a few months back. The loss of money was recoverable but I still haven’t been able to get my BPL card. Without the benefits, its been very difficult to cope with the added expenses” said Rekha Ghosh, a 43 year old resident of Shiv Mandir, West Bengal.

She had contacted the FSP and applied for a duplicate BPL card but had since been waiting for a new one.

Jab pucho bolte the time lagega agle hafte aana, aaj to saheb nai aaye hai. Phir kisine bola DPG me bat karo na 

”And since I have been telling my neighbors how efficiently the DPG officials approached me with a single complaint and solved my issue. I wish I had been informed about this earlier. Would have saved me a lot of time ” says an ecstatic Rekha today.

This is just one of the hundred stories of how the Government is willing to serve you if you take that one step forward. And there is specifically one department that is not very eminent among the masses but is doing its best to help you expedite the process.

Meet Dr. Jitendra Singh and his team at the Directorate of Public Grievances – he may not be as popular and satirical on Twitter as our beloved Sushma Swaraj but he surely does use it otherwise:

Be it about guiding complaints to the correct department to publicizing his review process for the organization, he seems to be an active pioneer of Digital India !

Oh,wait.. I didn’t know this

And the opposition in the Parliament says we are not working (Eyes Rolling!)

Kinda agreed with. The more approachable your path, the more people SpeakUp.

This is just one of the many departments you maybe weren’t aware of. There are loads others who are making it a priority to respond to your reach outs.

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